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The Wisest of Fools
I find myself posting to this journal with increasing frequency, once more.

Being no believer in coincidence, I am compelled to point out:

Long ago, in my other journal, I called us “an inverted set of twins”.

As always, time has has proven me correct.

We [she and I], find ourselves in similar circumstances.

Because I underestimated my control of my Faculty.

While she overestimated hers.

Rest assured:

This is no attack.

Merely an affirmation of what I have claimed to be—

The Wisest of Fools.

As she is the Most Foolish of The Wise.

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The Wisest of Fools
20 January 2013 @ 03:37 am
In my most recent post, I discussed magickal warfare and how it has ruined much of the modern world.

I do not recant that.

I merely clarify.

The Law of Retribution has finally manifested.

This is why companies/banks that have been financially raping the populace at large have become bankrupt.

They sought to take from others via magick.

Thus, threefold, the gains have been taken from them.

Simply put, in Socratic form:

"Teacher, where did the money go?"

Student, it went to the ether from which all things emerge.

Now lost to all.

Until a spirit of giving returns.

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The Wisest of Fools
12 January 2013 @ 12:16 am
Albert Einstein once said:

"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."

I contend that WWIII is, and has been for some time, fought magickally.

Governments and, more noticeably, corporations have been warring via sigil magick for more than half a century.

It is no coincidence that corporations have become more powerful than elected governments.

Simply because governments have ceased using sigil magick while corporate usage has increased.

I ask:

How many flags can you recognize as opposed to how many corporate logos are familiar to you?

Can you recognize your state flag or McDonald's more easily?

How much emotion and pathos is elicited from a government symbol versus a brand identification?

Are you more loyal to a product manufacturer or to a nation?

We both know the Truthful answers.

However, even the gifted sigilmancers [ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2E_HP97Rzc ] amongst the corporate elite are subject to the Law of Retribution.

They sought to take as much as possible from us and, consequentially, are [and have been] failing.

They are reaping what they have sown.

We find ourselves on the brink of collapse because less and less is being created [lack of male energy] while more and more is being sustained/redistributed [female energy].

One may say:

“But they are manufacturing more than ever!”


But are they constructing homes or iPods?

Are they meeting a NEED or a WANT?

Necessities are becoming increasingly expensive as the frivolities become cheaper.

Magickal warfare is akin to nuclear conflict:

There will, and shall, be no winner.

The Law of Retribution sees to that.

On a personal note, I cut ties with the extremely gifted sex magick practitioner I know.

Yet, I have made every effort to keep My Will toward that individual pure and non–malefic.

I claim no moral high–ground.

Because I know, as stated plainly above:

There would be no winner.

I only pray that Practitioner does the same.

For both our sakes.

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The Wisest of Fools
25 January 2012 @ 12:37 am
It is easily overlooked, in this modern world of ours.

This world of instant gratification, immediate pleasures and myriad distractions.

However, like religion/spirituality, it will never – can never – die.

It is too deeply ingrained in humanity.

In fact, it is an integral part of us.

It's what the Bible meant when it said God made man in His image.

This is why the woman that fired me wept openly as she did so.

This is why those that knew me always return.

This is why those that do without my words for a time quickly find themselves engrossed, once more, at even my slightest utterance.

This is magick.

And it is undeniable.

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The Wisest of Fools
11 January 2012 @ 04:06 am
Nothing exists if men do not create it.

Nothing endures if women do not sustain it.

Without one, the efforts of the other are futile.

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The Wisest of Fools
11 January 2012 @ 12:16 am
I have a friend that has begun Practicing again with a group of her female peers. They call these monthly congresses (if I recall correctly) “Goddess Meetings”.

I have mixed feelings regarding this. While I encourage all, male and female alike, to acknowlege their Faculties and put them to a positive Telos, I am reticent to lend my wholehearted support.

Far too many, in this day and age, take hold of such things simply because they are counter-culture. Because they are not, as Socrates would say, “the gods of our fathers”, many use it as means to forge their own path. Now, I'm not against using it as such but, magick being akin to a gun or guillotine (as I've previously stated), be careful whom your revolution affects. Not to forget, the Law of Retribution is unforgiving.

I'm also of the mind there is a specific, powerful and subconscious reason why men are mocked when they attempt such a thing (in such an overtly magickal fashion). That reason? Invocation is the domain of Men. I will, as always, use reality to prove my point:

When men of similar Will gather together, what is the result?





The USA is an excellent example of Men putting their collective Telos to purpose. An even better (if not flawless) example is Hitler's Germany.

Post WWI Germany went from abject poverty to hosting the Olympic games to nearly conquering the world in little more than two decades. Adolf Hitler was Time magazine's “Man of The Year” - twice. The fact occultism and magickal interest permeated the regime should not be overlooked.

The USA survived because the collective Telos was pure (freedom, independence, republicanism) whereas Naziism was not (racial superiority, acrimony, totalitarianism). Therefore, the Law of Retribution maintained one while destroying the other.

At this point, I confess to no small amount of jealously concerning my friend's "Goddess Meetings". Give me a group of Men like myself...

and we could change the world.

But then, that's why I'm socially prohibited from doing exactly that.

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The Wisest of Fools
09 January 2012 @ 06:04 am
As we discuss EVP's and supernatural occurrences, an inexplicable noise is sounded in her home.

Being the man I am, I investigate for her.

She is perplexed by the auditory phenomenon and her cat's unusual behavior.

But I, silently - secretly, take it for what it is:

A piper's tune.

A siren's song.

A temptation to draw me back.

As I have said:

Some doors, once opened, can never be closed.

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The Wisest of Fools
30 October 2011 @ 02:00 am
An (effectively) anonymous individual contacted me and requested aid on occult matters.

Below are some words of mine I felt I should share with the world at large:

... I fell into the occult, demonology and other sundry things 15 years ago. While I realize this is the internet and there are innumerable liars and charlatans here, I am not among them...

...If performing exorcisms is a goal of yours, I sincerely suggest you look into becoming a clergyman of some sort. I won't dare to tell you what religion to choose, that's for your heart to decide and God to guide, but I truly do recommend at least praying on it and considering it... 

...Look out for yourself. I won't lie to you: Evil will promise many things and deliver them all – but you'll end up paying 1,000 times more than they're worth. From personal experience, I guarantee it...

I meant every single thing I said to the individual in question, from very depths of my soul.

An astute reader will note I recommended prayer.

And I did.

(As I type this, the lights in my home flicker ominously.)

I, in fact, pray every night to God in Heaven that He help and protect me.

True, I ask for His protection from Evil.

But, even more Truthfully (as He looks upon the heart):

I silently ask Him to protect me from myself.

It would take very little for me to fall into old habits – even knowing the unreasonable (and unworthy) nature of Faustian bargains.

As I outright claimed to be:

I am the Wisest of Fools.

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The Wisest of Fools
A regular reader suggested a post:

“What about techniques to practice/focus Intent? ”

In my usual way of keeping extraordinarily complex ideas practicable, I offer this:

Begin shaping your own personal reality by reworking and conciously controling your thought patterns.

For example:

As you drive, tell yourself you will only encounter green lights.

Or, if you're running late for something, continually tell yourself you will somehow arrive on time.

Take any minor, personal desired outcome focus on it as though it were already a Truth behave as though it were your current circumstance.

Now, it will take roughly 14 days for this technique to achieve observable results. I have yet to discern why this is so but it is; you will see for yourself. Were I to guess, it's reality's way of culling the weak Willed from the strong.†

This technique is scatter-shot in its results since the overwhelming majority of Practioners are self-defeating by nature (as I've written previously, herein). This is also, on the opposite side of the coin, why those individuals most ignorant, self-centered and solipsistic rarely find circumstances/events go against them.

The concepts I've tried to simplify are enormous in scope so if clarification is needed, do not hesitate to ask. I confess, I cannot possibly spare the time and effort needed to address things beyond a query by query basis due to the magnitude of the issue at hand.

A Personal Addendum: You may find, as you try this technique, that reality works actively and furiously against you (meaning - the opposite of your desired outcome occurs). Now, this may simply be my experience as I'm a natural magus, hence reality tests me harder but I feel it only fair to mention.

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The Wisest of Fools
08 October 2011 @ 01:43 am
I'm glad to see that this journal has gotten enough hits thus far to keep it going.

Feel free to share it with anyone you feel may Truly find it useful.

Also, as I've been very ill for a few days, my posts have slowed considerably.

Should any readers wish to suggest a relevant topic for me to address, I ask they offer it here.

I confess to some selfishness in that it will help get me writing here again with greater alacrity.

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